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momofuku noodlebar | Toronto, Canada

Well there seems to be a lot of controversy about the Momofuku Noodle Bar in Toronto not fulfilling expectations, however I think many of the negative comments are out of context. I had the opportunity to eat there recently after the fanfare and frantic buzz of its opening had calmed down, and the initial kinks that come with any restaurant opening have been resolved. David Chang may have a formula, but it is one that, in my eyes, works.

Firstly it is a Noodle Bar, the concept of which is fast & fresh with a limited menu. Patrons are seated at communal tables making it very easy to spy on your neighbour’s dishes and take notes, as well as enjoy the buzz of people all enjoying a common shared experience. This isn’t the restaurant to go to for a quiet, intimate evening out – but if it’s fun and camaraderie you’re after, this is definitely the place!

Three of us were eating here for the first time and were all eager to try a variety of dishes, starting with the the Seven Spice Sour Slushie…WOW, that was a kick! Love the cool fat short glasses and straws.

As the food arrived we happily yucked in to all three versions of the steamed buns: melt-in-your-mouth pork, rich and earthy shitake mushroom slopping out of the bun, and the tower of shredded chicken with crispy skin. Thumbs up to all choices here! Rice cakes followed: delicious, spicy and chewy, although if I had to be critical anywhere, these could have been cooked just a tad more. Next up was the Kimche Stew with tender chunks of pork shoulder, a spicy rich broth, kimche, and rice cakes; this dish was right on target and executed beautifully – flavourful, filling, and homey. We also shared a ginger scallion noodle bowl that was packed with shitakes, cabbage, and cucumber:  not earth shattering but light and comforting at the same time.

We had a happy time here! We were seated within 15 mins of arrival and attended to by prompt, knowledgable service staff. The pricing at momofuku may be slightly steep for a noodle bar, but it is about the whole experience and ours would definitely draw us back the next time we’re in town!

noodle bar (to) | momofuku

Ground Floor
190 University Avenue
Toronto, ON M5H 0A 3

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