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If you heat and cool chocolate without controlling the temperature, the crystallisation of cocoa butter will result in crystals forming, and your chocolate will bloom – that is to say it will appear matt and covered with white patches. It will also crumble unpleasantly rather than snap. In order to avoid this you will need to […]

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Risotto is a rice dish cooked in the traditional northern Italian way. For best results, follow these guidelines: HG Use a large saucepan and do not cover. A wide pot is best, to contain the rice in as thin a layer as possible, allowing for even absorption of the stock. Risotto should be made at […]

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No Sunday night roast is complete without mashed potatoes! Yukon Golds in particular yield a fabulous buttery texture and golden colour. Add chèvre and heavy cream and you’ll go absolutely over the top with this recipe. For a lighter version with a bit of a tang, replace the heavy cream with buttermilk. I like to […]

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